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If you’re looking for reasons why you should choose our dedicated commercial & office cleaning services, we’ll give you a few good ones.

  • A personal point of contact always provided
  • Tailored services to meet your needs
  • Committed to ethical employment practices
  • Dedicated phone operators address your queries 24 hours a day
  • Nationally accredited and certified commercial & office cleaning services (ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2015, and COSHH compliance)
  • Trusted provider with national coverage
  • Professional office cleaning in East Anglia

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Work with an Award-Winning Office Cleaning Services Company

Discover excellence in commercial and office cleaning services with our renowned company. With years of dedicated service, we’ve attained a pinnacle in delivering high-quality commercial cleaning services. Accredited with international standards for quality and environmental management systems, we consistently meet customer and regulatory demands. Aligned with The British Institute of Cleaning Science and COSHH compliance, our cleaning standards excel in all aspects. What’s more? We’re proudly registered with the Environment Agency as an Upper Tier Carrier Dealer, which means we transport hazardous waste as well. Trust our team for superior cleaning services!

Leanne DaleLeanne Dale
18:06 15 Jun 23
The BEST Married coupleAnd a lady called Debbie came to clean my home as its not been done myself for over 3halfyears due to heath illness what thaydid was Absolutely incredible Simply the best they or so professional and very friendlyI'm so grateful Last night I went to bed for the first time crying my eyes out with happiness the next day very much worn out mentaly to see my things go but they made sure I was on the sane page with Sentimental were very very thorough with things with what I want to keep or go and I feel like I was important and so blessed to know that real caring kind angels are in this world for over 3 half years my health issues got bad I Cried with haopy tears for the first time in 3 half years in bed in a clean bed room due to the work and care i felt so mportant thay have so much respect with my belongings very professional . And cared give to me Very considerate The best and The transformation was phenomenaly so happy cannot get any better kind generous people my home is now my home ITS MY HOME NOW Thank you ITS SO CLEAN Thank you Do clean really fast STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Miss Leanne Dale in Braintree essex
Iain FinchIain Finch
07:56 03 Aug 21
Based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, our relationship with Monthind Clean began in 2017; for our large general office and factory building we needed the day to day assurance of a professional, dedicated and resourceful cleaning business that could tackle specialist work as well as the everyday.Four years and a global pandemic later the Monthind team have quite literally climbed every mountain with us and have safely and professionally negotiated the to and fro of our additional requirements during and outside of the lockdown periods with exactly the level of service that convinced us back in 2017 that they were a business we could rely on in good times and those of more significant challenge!
Amanda GladdenAmanda Gladden
12:25 07 Jul 21
Since Monthind have been cleaning our building we have been so impressed with their work and the professionalism of the whole team involved. Any extra work we have needed has been granted and communication has been fantastic. The quality of the work has been faultless. We are so pleased they are working with us.

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