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Supporting our Employees Through Challenging Times


Fortunately, recent years have meant that our physical and mental well-being is becoming understood and respected, and the importance of looking after an employee’s well-being has become a topic that employers no longer just consider but prioritise. 

Understandably, applicants no longer think of this care as an additional extra, but it has rightfully become a mandatory element when considering any role, and as our understanding of mental health has evolved, so have our expectations regarding the support systems that are put in place.

Here at The Monthind Group, we understand that focusing on the well-being of our team not only improves productivity but increases employee loyalty and retention, as well as contributes to ensuring that we have a happy, healthy, and enthusiastic workforce. Our team knows that we care about their health and well-being as well as their career and that we are always here to help, this smoothly aligns with our values as a brand by opening conversations based on the support that we will continue to offer to our employees at Monthind.

In 2021 The Monthind Group introduced a 24/7 wellbeing helpline which can be accessed by all employees and gives them the opportunity to speak with accredited counsellors via a confidential support line. This is in place to allow them to openly discuss any issues that they may be having which is affecting their mental health whether it be financial, personal, emotional, or related to their physical or mental health. 

Internally, Monthind has put equally as much thought into how they can provide support for their employees. Quarterly meetings are held by our Health and Safety committee to discuss the procedures in place and any improvements that may be needed to ensure that we are always providing the best support possible for our team. We also encourage our employees to talk openly and honestly about the issues they may be having in or out of work and discuss how we can support and help them. 

At Monthind, we know our team is our greatest asset, so by investing in employee wellbeing we are providing better services to our clients in the long term by encouraging our team to grow within our organisation.


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