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Monthind Manages Safely Thanks to Recognised Qualifications


Eight employees from the Monthind Group are celebrating passing health and safety qualification. Paul Hilton, Richard Angelo, Tara Culshaw, Simon Hughes, Rick Holden and Lois Biggs attained an IOSH Managing Safely qualification after attending an interesting and enlightening course. The management staff, from departments throughout the company, attended a 5-day intensive course and are now better equipped to apply their learning to everyday work scenarios to maintain exemplary safety for employees and customers.

Lois explains: “The IOSH course Managing Safely is intense but engaging and we all enjoyed it. The course covers assessing risks, controlling risks, understanding responsibilities, understanding hazards, investigating incidents and measuring performance.

As an organisation, and as a result of our success, Monthind can expect to benefit from greater productivity, with fewer hours lost due to sickness and accidents; Improved company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures; Active staff involvement to improve the workplace; and enhanced reputation within our supply chain.”

Further NEBOSH Success for our Head of Operations

Head of Operations, Simon Sousa-Plume, who already held his IOSH qualification, went on the more in-depth NEBOSH course, which he also passed.

At Monthind we pride ourselves on our rigorous adherence to all aspects of health and safety legislation and best practice. Suitable and sufficient risk assessments, CoSHH assessments and method statements are produced for each site we work on. All machinery is portable appliance tested (PAT) and we have a full accident and investigation procedure in place.

If you or your employees would like to know more about the courses and their benefits visit: or

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