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Monthind Extends Gold Corporate Membership with Essex Wildlife Trust


Monthind Clean is pleased to announce the renewal of its ‘Investors in Wildlife’ subscription with Essex Wildlife. Having first subscribed to Essex Wildlife back in 2014, Monthind has made the decision to continue showing its support for the wildlife in Essex by extending its gold corporate membership with the Trust.

With the continued support of corporate members, such as Monthind, Essex Wildlife Trust can deliver projects that sustain wildlife for the future and protect endangered species both on land and at sea. Crucial projects such as the barn owl conservation project, which has an impressive 164 barn owls to date, are designed to help reverse the dramatic decline of the wild barn population rate in Essex. And the Trust has recently started a polecat project after the species has naturally made its way back to the countryside following decades of extinction!

Without this valuable financial support, Essex Wildlife would not be able to protect the future and create a thriving wildlife community for all of those in Essex and the surrounding areas. Monthind is incredibly proud to support the county’s wildlife, ensuring that it is there in future years for every person to feel connected to nature and have access to natural habitats and greener spaces.

If you want to support The Essex Wildlife Trust, look out for more news on the upcoming fundraising event – Running Wild – a Forest obstacle course which is due to happen in October!


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