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Monthind Cleaning Operatives Receive Recognition for Supporting Firefighters with Unannounced Problem


Monthind Clean is delighted to announce that its cleaning operatives have received recognition for going above and beyond by providing extra assistance to the emergency services and keeping facilities clean and tidy.

As a long-term provider of professional, reliable contract cleaning for emergency services, Monthind Clean is pleased to say that its cleaners impressed the firefighters at Kelvedon Park in Witham after they jumped to action when a toilet in the control suite sprung a significant leak. Firefighters at Kelvedon Park noted how our team of cleaners “were available to assist and stop the leak spreading” and helped “prevent further damage”.

The Facilities Manager continued; “A massive thank you to Monthind Clean for organising support, and to the team of cleaners for all their help and assistance. Please express our thanks for all they did to prevent further damage to the site as their extra efforts didn’t go unnoticed.”  

We are incredibly fortunate to support the emergency services and provide enhanced hygiene and cleaning services to maintain order and cleanliness, especially when the matter at hand is an immediate obstacle to everyday operations. According to DiscoverWater, unannounced leaks are common occurrences with over 50,000 reported leaking pipes and toilets in the UK across the last 12 months. Leaking pipes can be due to an ageing water infrastructure system, a faulty valve or water freezing inside the pipes.

As the East of England’s leading independent cleaning company, Monthind knows every client is unique and has individual needs, and the emergency services are no different. As firefighters respond to emergencies and life-threatening situations day in and day out, maintaining the order of their workspace is crucial. And so, it’s incredibly important that we do our best in accommodating the needs of all the emergency services that we are so fortunate to support.

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