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Improving Efficiency with CAFM Technology  


Computer-Aided Facility Management is a software system designed to change the way in which we operate, allowing us to become even more efficient. It increases our productivity and transforms the way we work for the better, by enabling large organisations, like Monthind to monitor, plan, execute, and manage the work we have.

Being the largest independent commercial cleaning company in the East of England, we have high volumes of work each day. We pride ourselves on a reputation built on being reliable and professional, so being organised and efficient, and respecting the agreed schedules of our clients wherever possible, is very important to us. A system like this allows effective communication from the admin team straight to the operatives and ensures an organised approach when delivering the promised services. 

Customer satisfaction and care are something that Monthind insists on prioritising. Our CAFM system E-clean enables us to work closely with our clients to agree on a work schedule that is tailored to them. The system means we can provide our cleaning operatives with all the relevant information they would need for the job in hand and the site they are servicing. The information is displayed on a handheld device and allows them to sign off work once it is completed. This fantastic system means that we can provide accurate work schedules with specific and realistic timescales for the operatives to complete the job to the expected high standard, and travel to the next site in good time.

Monthind is dedicated to reducing the impact we have on the environment, so when we were introduced to the idea of using a CAFM system in place of paper, we just had to know more. Prior to this amazing evolution of technology, the best practice and the most efficient way of working would be an old-fashioned work bill handed out weekly. Having the CAFM in place has dramatically reduced the paper waste we are producing. But the benefits to the environment don’t stop there.

The digital schedule also means that we can consciously design the team’s work schedules relevant to the regions and geographic areas they are in. This minimises the travel time between jobs and unnecessary mileage, significantly reducing our impact on the environment here too.

Introducing a CAFM system to the way Monthind operates has been fundamental for creating great working relationships with our customers and maintaining our excellent reputation for efficiency, expertise, and professionalism.

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