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How Monthind Prioritises Employee Wellbeing


Since the pandemic, employee wellbeing has become increasingly important to both employees and employers. Recent studies have shown that mental health is linked to net loss, and that wellbeing initiatives are becoming equally important to salary when job searching. This is why companies need to encourage frequent discussions around mental health and put benefits in place within their organisation to ensure staff are supported when it comes to their mental and physical wellbeing.

There are many reasons our employees join Monthind, including our excellent reputation in the industry, flexibility for our employees, and competitive rate of pay. However, it’s our dedication to providing employee benefits focusing on health and wellbeing that build and retain these relationships.

If you’re wondering what employee benefits are, it’s going above and beyond to care for your employees. Providing training is a perk, but what really matters for our team is that they receive advice and information on a wide range of topics outside of their career, including stress, relationship difficulties, bereavement, health and wellbeing, financial and debt support, legal support, family issues, anxiety, and emotional problems.

This is why The Monthind Group encourages all employees to use our 24/7 wellbeing hotline if they find themselves struggling with their mental health, ensuring our team has constant access to support throughout the year. Through this hotline, all employees of The Monthind Group can speak to accredited counsellors via a confidential support line about any issues that are causing them stress or negatively affecting their mental health.

We understand that focusing on wellbeing at work not only improves productivity but increases employee loyalty and retention. Our team knows that we care about their health and wellbeing as well as their career and are always here to help.

Every quarter, our Health and Safety committee meets to ensure that conversations surrounding employee wellbeing are a constant topic of conversation. We also provide a space for employees to talk openly to us about any issues they may be experiencing at work and how we can improve our support. Which aligns with our values as a brand by opening up conversations based on the support we give to our employees at Monthind.

Our Head of Sales and Marketing Lois Biggs stresses:

“I have always found it important to create a positive working environment where employees feel valued and supported. The Monthind Group realises the importance of not only discussing these topics and raising awareness, but acting on these discussions throughout all areas of the business and understanding that this is an ongoing duty.”

At Monthind we know our team are our greatest assets, so by investing in employee wellbeing we are providing better services to our clients in the long run by encouraging our team to grow within our organisation.


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