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Atkins Gregory Can Now Disinfect Four Times Faster!

Electrostatic Cleaning

Power of New Cleaning Method is Electrifying!

Electrostatic cleaning represents a significant and exciting advance in cleaning technology.

Atkins Gregory’s Specialist Cleaning Operatives can now clean your surfaces four times faster, using 65% less solution. How? Thanks to electrostatic cleaning technology. But what is electrostatic cleaning? How does it work? And why should you be using it to keep your facility clean and virus-free?

What is Electrostatic Cleaning?

Electrostatic cleaning, or electrostatic spraying, is the process of adding an electric charge to the liquid droplets of cleaning solution during the application process. The effect of the electrostatic charge makes the sprayed solution envelop your target object, surface or area and seeking out inaccessible areas, which results in an even, all-round, coating with no runs or drips.

Why you should be using Electrostatic Cleaning?

The first and most obvious, benefit of electrostatic cleaning is in its rapid, highly effective application. Electrostatic spraying provides you with the ability to apply the relevant cleaning solution or disinfectant to all surfaces and areas evenly, providing a 360-degree coverage, in a quarter of the time it would take with conventional methods of application.

This vastly increased speed of application allows for rapid, yet reliable, response in reaction to an outbreak – be it viral, fungal or bacterial. The application speed delivered by electrostatic spraying allows entire establishments to be fully treated and safely reopened within a much shorter timescale than that allowed by conventional application methods, saving not only but the associated costs of delayed reopening.

Secondly, electrostatic spraying helps you to create dramatic savings in both product and labour costs without compromising hygiene levels. Electrostatic spraying using up to two thirds less solution than conventional methods of application, allowing you to reduce cleaning product spend by up to 65%, while still attaining 360-degree coverage and treatment of all surfaces. To top off the benefits of this new cleaning technology, its touchless application reduces the chance of cross-contamination.

Finally, it is important to remember that electrostatic spraying does not claim to kill COVID-19, as does no other chemical on the market today. However, what it does do is help prevent COVID-19 and other viral, fungal and bacterial infections from making an impact on your workplace – and offer a new level of rapid response in response to potential infection.

Locations of Electrostatic Cleaning Applications include; schools and other educational establishments, care homes and healthcare facilities, public transport vehicles and terminals, offices and public buildings and retail and entertainment venues.

Call us today on 01223 438 118 to find out more about the benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning and how Atkins Gregory Clean can introduce them to your facility.

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