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Washroom Services: Following Regulations


Knowing that your customers will subconsciously evaluate your business based on their entire experience with it, Monthind is dedicated to ensuring your premises reflect your standards, and we believe that a hygienic and well-maintained washroom is a testament to your organisation’s commitment and devotion to achieving customer satisfaction.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations Act 1992 highlights that employers are responsible for making sure toilet areas stay clean and waste is cleared regularly, and states that female washrooms should have a sanitary bin provided, where it is visible and accessible.

Remaining compliant in what can sometimes feel like a regulatory minefield can be demanding and, when the industry you operate within is so far from that of the obligations itself, keeping up may feel taxing. At Monthind, we pride ourselves on being the professionals that minimise your job load by using our extensive knowledge and experience, allowing you to focus on your organisation and the job at hand.

Unsightly washrooms that do not have adequate facilities or correct supplies can act as a deterrent for customers and provide them with a lasting negative impression. We deliver a vast array of services to fulfil your washroom needs from providing Sani bins, Air fresheners, Hand dryers, and Soap dispensers at your site, to servicing your facilities at regular intervals to ensure that the equipment is fully operational, and your supply levels of provisions such as Toilet tissue, Handtowels, Sanitisers, Hand care and much more, are always adequate. We understand that it is not just about the legal requirements your organisation has to provide a hygienic and safe environment; it is about demonstrating a high regard for the customers and workforce that enter your premises.

We are renowned for supplying and maintaining a leading range of high-quality commercial washroom essentials and providing businesses like yours with access to an extensive, established network of highly motivated staff and dedicated management teams, equipping you with everything you need for a pristine site. However, your organisation is unique and, as always, we will treat it as such. As with all services that Monthind delivers, we tailor our janitorial services to certify that you have the correct supplies and care for your specific business type, and all our janitors are highly trained and guarantee operational excellence.

As well as our undoubtable reliability, impeccable attention to detail, and consistent attentiveness to meet COSH standards, the convenience of having all your cleaning requirements met by one trusted partner is one of the many reasons that our clients choose Monthind as their commercial cleaning and washroom service provider.

We remain committed to reducing any negative impact on the Environment by ourselves and our customers and ensure that we are legally compliant. Our partner suppliers are licensed to dispose of a broad range of hazardous waste in keeping with the Environmental Protection Act, which is enforced through the allocation of a Waste Transfer Notice held by Monthind, and we also hold an ISO14001 certification, which is the principal management system standard which specifies the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS.

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