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The Positive Impact of Window Cleaning


Windows act as the gateway between your commercial property and the outside world, and their purpose is to allow fresh air and natural light to enter your site.

Regular window cleaning is an essential part of maintaining any property. Beyond the obvious impact that clean windows have on the appearance of the building, maintaining your windows through frequent cleaning is essential to avoid the risk of repairment or replacement costs, therefore saving your business from unnecessary additional costs, as well as being equally important in providing your employees with a healthy working environment.

Your windows trap dirt, dust, and other pollutants which, if left unaddressed, can cause damage to the seals and panes. If neglected, window frames and seals can become damaged and cracks or gaps in your windows can cause air to escape. This will lead to said debris and pollutants accumulating on the windows over time, resulting in drafts, leaks, and other issues that can reduce the lifespan of your windows, and possibly result in further damage to your building. Identifying any issues with your windows is most likely and less difficult when the windows are clean.

Regular window cleaning provides many benefits to you and your employees. Clean windows allow you to maximise the amount of sunlight that enters the building, which has been proven to positively impact not only one’s mood and health, but also productivity, and concentration. Unfortunately, stagnant dust and trapped dirt can build up over time if it is not addressed and this may significantly reduce the air quality and flow, ultimately increasing the risk of respiratory issues, particularly for people with allergies or asthma.

As unlikely a connection as it may seem, regular window cleaning can also help to reduce energy costs. This is because clean windows and natural sunlight reduce the need for artificial light usage and will also reflect heat away from the building during the hotter months, assisting you in keeping your working environment cooler.

Lastly, it is important to mention the cosmetic value of regular window cleaning. Remember that your premise’s appearance reflects your business’s image, and first impressions count. With over 45 years of experience in delivering our window cleaning services to a vast array of sectors, we promise the highest standard of cleaning with remarkable results.

But why choose Monthind?

As we use pure water for our window cleaning services, we do not require other detergents which not only reduces the cleaning time and cost but also benefits the environment which therefore contributes to our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental objectives. We have our own reverse osmosis production units, which are located at each of our depots, containing enough water to fulfil our contractual requirements which are accessible to all our window cleaning operatives.

Using reverse osmosis water purification technology, we can de-mineralise and de-ionise tap water to ensure that all water used for our window cleaning services is 100% pure. By removing the dissolved chemicals and minerals in tap water we produce pure water, and because of the chemical nature of pure water, it absorbs particles from any surface that it touches, guaranteeing incredible results.

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