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Monthind Clean Reaccredited for Double IOS


Monthind Clean is delighted to announce that it has recently been reaccredited for the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Following an external audit of each Monthind office, including Colchester, Norwich, and Gorleston, the accreditation body responsible for international standards deemed the company as having maintained the same credit-worthy practices as their last evaluation.

The ISO 9001 certification both recognises and celebrates the ongoing commitment that Monthind has to delivering internationally acclaimed levels of quality standards across the organisation, focusing primarily on continual improvement and outstanding customer satisfaction. The certificate also confirms Monthind’s successes in exceeding the needs of suppliers, regulatory bodies and other interested parties by adopting a framework which guarantees consistent quality in the provision of products and services.

Monthind’s reaccreditation of the ISO 14001 certification credits the company’s special commitment to the environment. In an ongoing effort to maintain a healthy relationship with the environment, Monthind has been taking steps to reduce waste, minimise energy use and decrease their overall environmental impact across the business. This all coincides with the company’s simultaneous compliance with all statutory and legal obligations set by their Governing bodies.

The ISO 14001 also indicates that Monthind has reached the same internationally recognised standards, with regards to both environmental compliance and practices, across the entirety of the organisation. By complying to these standards, businesses can minimise their own impact on the environment; this encourages a range of environmental behaviours, including reducing overall waste, improving resource efficiency and becoming a more environmentally friendly organisation.

Business Services Manager at Monthind Clean, Andy Flatman, commented, “The reaccreditation of our double ISO Certification is an excellent indication of our company’s commitment to delivering excellent services and reducing our environmental footprint. We are incredibly proud of the thousand-plus people who continue to work for us across the UK, who have played an integral part in ensuring that our commitment to quality standards has been recognised this year.”

To find out more about the outstanding levels of quality management and compliance delivered by Monthind Clean LLP, visit our company compliance guide.

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