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Carpet Cleaning and COVID-19 – What are the Facts?


What are the facts about Carpet Cleaning and Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses, such as the novel strain COVID-19, are spread through droplets leaving the mouth or nose, when a person coughs or exhales, and landing on surfaces or objects which are then touched by others who the touch their eyes, nose or mouth.

Carpet may not be a surface that regularly comes into contact with the hands, but it is not exempt from viruses. Germs become attached to carpet fibres as people cough, sneeze or talk, releasing spray that falls to the floor. Carpets can also collect germs from people walking substances inside on the soles of shoes.

How long can coronavirus survive on carpet?

The infectious lifespan of the COVID-19 virus depends on temperature, humidity and the porosity of the host surface. How this lifespan relates to specific surfaces, such as carpet, remains unknown for the new strain of coronavirus. Similar viruses, such as MERS and SARS, can survive for anywhere from 2 hours to 9 days, while some virus strains, such as Norovirus, can live for 12 days on carpet, even when vacuumed regularly.

Can carpets be dirty even when they look clean?

Whether your facility has directly experienced coronavirus cases or not, carpets have long been established as a germ harbour, typically carpet containing as many as 200,000 bacteria per square inch – almost 29 million per square foot. In addition, every square foot of a ‘clean’ carpet can hide a pound of dirt.

A carpet’s fibrous texture also acts as a natural air filter, trapping dirt and germs. While this is great for people in your building, it only adds to the vast number of germs collecting in your carpets. These germs aren’t easily removed by even the most powerful vacuums.

Should your carpets be professionally cleaned after COVID-19?

Professional carpet cleaners employ proven methods which create conditions inhospitable to the infectious lifespan of viruses. Steam cleaning is the most effective technique for killing viruses in your carpets, due to the high temperatures involved. Research into virus outbreaks has supported the practice after an outbreak, and removing germs from carpets with steam cleaning is also considered effective by the NHS.

Recommendations for removing COVID-19 from your carpets can only be based on existing methods for dealing with coronaviruses in general. However, having your carpets professionally steam cleaned can help ease your mind about the presence of the virus. The issue of the cleaning of carpets is especially sensitive in facilities like nurseries and primary schools, where younger children are likely to sit on, and therefore touch, carpets within the facility and increase their likelihood of coming into contact with germs.

Professional Carpet Cleaning from Atkins Gregory

Atkins Gregory delivers professional carpet cleaning services across Cambridgeshire, using the most up-to-date equipment and machinery together with specially trained personnel to ensures the desired result is achieved every time.

Coronavirus has been identified as an enveloped virus, similar to Influenza. Atkins Gregory as proven cleaning methods to combat the spread of known coronaviruses.

Contact us today on 01223 438 118 for a quote from Atkins Gregory’s professional carpet cleaning team.

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