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Atkins Gregory to fulfil and boost The Monthind Group’s Operations in the West


Following the successful acquisition in 2016 of Cambridgeshire based commercial cleaning company Atkins Gregory, we are pleased to announce that from May 2022, all of Monthind’s current operation in the West area will be fulfilled by Atkins Gregory. The strategic move will enable Atkins Gregory to create further opportunities in the Cambridgeshire region amongst neighbouring areas such as Bedford, Biggleswade, Milton Keynes and Luton with an attempt to enhance partnerships with local businesses in the areas.

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To complete the relocation of operations for a smooth transfer for all existing customers in the Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties, a number of Monthind Clean employees have transferred over to Atkins Gregory. As Atkins Gregory’s office resides in Cambridgeshire, the change will allow for efficient resource and coverage of operatives in the area, improving our service delivery and opening up further opportunities with new businesses.

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With the transfer of the West area, Monthind can strategically focus on operations in Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk with the aim to offer all commercial cleaning services with the assistance of our regional offices and teams in Colchester, Norwich and Gorleston to new and existing customers.

Head of Operations for Atkins Gregory Ltd, Simon Sousa-Plume,

“This follows our continued growth strategy for The Monthind Group/Atkins Gregory by expanding our coverage to the west of the region forming new business relationships and building on the current positive relationships within our customer base. This is an exciting time for Atkins Gregory and the group as a whole and we hope it will bring new opportunities for our existing staff and future employees.”

The Monthind Group look forward to the change which we hope will increase our opportunities and allow an even better service to our vast customer base throughout the East of England.

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