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Are you clear about your biohazard cleaning?

Biohazard cleaning

Many employers and organisations could be failing to understand their responsibilities when it comes to incident management relating to biohazard situations. The law within the UK states that the primary responsibility to implement an incident management policy which has the full support of all those likely to be involved lies with the employer.

What is Biohazard and what are the risk areas?

Biohazard cleaning involves hygienically removing a biohazard from a particular location before decontaminating everything that came into contact with the biohazard. Biohazards include human or animal blood, fluids and excrement – as well as unseen organisms that might potentially carry disease, on surfaces such as floors and furniture and on objects such as needles or other sharps. Biohazardous situations can vary in severity, and can be localised or occur over a wide area.

For local authorities, the exposure to risk can be far reaching, due to the number of services that are contained within their responsibilities, and these can include:

  • Staff who are carrying out accommodation handovers, where one resident is moving out and a clean is required between occupation
  • Personnel working in residential accommodation units and other accommodation providers, particularly those with residents who might be considered vulnerable or at a high risk from illness
  • Refuse and street cleaning disposal teams who may come into contact with relevant materials considered hazardous to health
  • Designated first aiders or front line response teams
  • Flexible outsourcing services

Here at Monthind, we have been providing Biohazard services for many years across the Southeast and East Anglia. Our experienced teams are trained in all 4 Biohazard categories and work swiftly and professional to deal with a wide range of services:

  • Sharps and drug-related materials
  • Human body fluids and excrement
  • Animal remains and excrement
  • Remains from unexpected death
  • Void & Derelict Property – clearance and decontamination
  • Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome (a symptom of OCD) – clearance & disposal
  • Mould and Damp property cleaning
  • Clean-up after fire or flood damage
  • Clean-up and removal of bio-waste and medical cleans

The specialist Biohazard services we deliver are often outside the in-house skill set of most organisations hence our extensive contract and ad-hoc experience in this sector.

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